Membership and Terms of Use

Parties and Subject
1. This agreement covers the website (referred to as the "website" in the continuing provisions of the agreement) and Şehremini Mah. Haci Zihni Efendi Sk. Little Honey Bunnies Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as "Little Honey Bunnies" in the continuing provisions of the contract) and the internet user who wishes to become a member of the site (a "member" in the ongoing provisions of the contract) and located at the address of No: 23B Fatih İstanbul with the number 60812094090001 Mersis. hereinafter referred to as).
This agreement regulates the terms of the member's use of the website and mobile application of Little Honey Bunnies and the rights and obligations regarding the membership relationship.

Rights and Obligations
The member is obliged to declare the information requested from him/her in an up-to-date and accurate manner while becoming a member of the website. Little Honey Bunnies may claim from the Member all damages incurred by the Member due to incomplete, inaccurate or outdated information. The member accepts and declares that he will indemnify Little Honey Bunnies for all damages due to incomplete, incorrect or outdated information.
The member cannot disclose or give the password set for accessing the website to other persons or organizations. The password can be used by the member himself. All responsibility that may arise due to a behavior to the contrary belongs to the Member. In the event that third parties and public institutions make any claims against Little Honey Bunnies due to the Member's disclosure of the password to other persons or organizations, Little Honey Bunnies may take the responsibility of the Member for all kinds of compensation and other claims.
The member accepts and undertakes that he will comply with all legal rules in the broadest sense and not to violate them while using the website. In case of an action to the contrary, all responsibility belongs to the Member.
The member, while using the website, disrupts public order, constitutes a crime, violates the personality rights of Little Honey Bunnies and others, violates intellectual and industrial rights, disturbs, harass people, discriminates in terms of age, race, gender and other forms. may not engage in behavior that violates people's right to live in a healthy environment and animal rights, or that encourages others to commit such acts. The member cannot make use of the website or other services offered by Little Honey Bunnies (trojan horse, virus, spam, etc.) to make it difficult for others to benefit from. The Member shall not engage in activities aimed at accessing the protected information of other individuals and organizations through the website or by using the services provided on the website. Little Honey Bunnies cannot be held responsible for any behavior to the contrary.
The member cannot promote any product or service while using the website. The member explains his/her personal views while creating the website. The member may not share anything unrelated to the products and services on the website, outside the limits of freedom of expression. Little Honey Bunnies is not bound by the member's ideas and statements.
The legal and penal responsibility arising from the violation of any of the obligations specified in the membership agreement belongs only to the member. The Member will make Little Honey Bunnies free from claims and liability claims against Little Honey Bunnies before third parties and public institutions as a result of their behavior contrary to the membership relationship.
The design of the website, the brands, logos and designs on the Little Honey Bunnies brand and products of Little Honey Bunnies, and the services offered to the Member through the website are protected under Intellectual and Industrial Property Law. The persons and organizations that own them have rights arising from Intellectual and Industrial Property Law on the brands, logos, designs and services on the website and on the products of other individuals and organizations.
Such as the name and Internet Protocol/IP address of the Internet Service Provider used to access the site, access dates and times, the pages accessed on the website and the address of the website that provides access to the website, as per the provisions of the law, to improve the services offered through the website, to facilitate the Member's use of the website, and to access the website in accordance with the provisions of the law. information is collected.
Little Honey Bunnies processes the personal data of the member in order to use the site, to fulfill the rights and obligations arising from the membership relationship, to determine the interests of the Member and to make suggestions to the member on the website, within the framework of the Clarification Text on the Protection of Personal Data specified by the Member in this membership agreement. .
Little Honey Bunnies may contact the members for the verification process via SMS or e-mail messages for the purposes of ensuring security in the exercise of the rights arising from the membership relationship, ensuring the security of the member's personal data, or may transfer the member data to its affiliated affiliates or third party solution partners in order to ensure this communication.
Little Honey Bunnies can send survey forms to the members via SMS or e-mail messages in order to increase the quality of the services offered within the scope of the membership relationship with the member, to provide better service to the members, to find solutions to the complaints of the members, or to provide this communication to the member Little Honey Bunnies affiliates or third parties. can be transferred to solution partners.

Nacchos may keep all of the personal data that the member has informed him/her before the member, its subsidiaries and third party solution partners as long as the membership relationship continues. After the termination of the membership relationship, Little Honey Bunnies collects the personal data of the member, its subsidiaries and its subsidiaries, depending on the purposes of the correct resolution of possible legal disputes arising from the membership relationship, the clarification of the claims that the member has harmed Little Honey Bunnies or third parties by violating the membership relationship. third party solution partners.

Little Honey Bunnies discloses member personal data to the requesting organization if public institutions make a request in accordance with the mandatory legal rules.

Little Honey Bunnies has taken possible precautions for the security of its website. The Member is also required to secure the access information originating from the membership relationship, such as the user name and password, and to protect the information system belonging to or in use with competent and correct tools (firewall, anti-virus software, etc.). Little Honey Bunnies cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur due to the Member's behavior to the contrary.
Little Honey Bunnies reserves the right to unilaterally change the services provided within the scope of the membership relationship, the content of the website, terminate the membership relationship, remove the website partially or completely, and delete all information of the members. Membership agreement can be changed by Nacchos without any notice. As long as the member does not terminate the membership relationship, the member agrees that the relevant changes will also be applied to himself on the effective date.
In disputes arising from the membership agreement, Little Honey Bunnies records and documents are the exclusive and only evidence in accordance with the HMK.

Termination of Contract
The member can always terminate the membership relationship from the section reserved for this right on the website. Little Honey Bunnies may unilaterally terminate the membership relationship at any time without giving any reason or if the member violates one of its obligations arising from the membership agreement.
Competent and Competent Court
This contract is subject to Turkish Law. Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized and responsible for disputes arising from this contract.
This membership agreement has been brought to the attention of the member before the completion of the membership process. Membership registration means that the member has read and accepted all the provisions in this agreement. Membership agreement enters into force upon registration of membership.
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